It is a common problem that people don’t really understand what the true value of UX is. The UX team I work with decides to have a journal to explain User Experience Design for people we work with/for.

Knowing my audience are extremely busy (managers, PMs, developers, and engineers), my approach to this journal is to create something quick and easy to read to introduce UX ideas. In addition, I hope it is enjoyable to them (and hopefully to make them laugh 😆 ).

Here is what I come up with:

Since I have to have it done in a few hours, I choose Sketch for this quick drawing.

Working for a magenta company, I have to use limited company branded colors for design. That is the reason why there are only several shades of grays, black, and magenta in this comic. During the process, I found I liked the color restriction since limited colors makes these images clean.

People told me they enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it as well!